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Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell”

I read “Signature in the Cell” by Stephen Meyer. What a fantastic journey through his mind as he shepherded the idea of making “intelligent design” an acceptable explanation for the origin of life in the scientific community. (This was the … Continue reading

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“Signature in the Cell”

I started reading Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell”. Its great to be able to see well enough to read again. Fantastic is all I can say so far. He is taking a great approach by showing what needed to … Continue reading

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Ben Carson: Dissident

Ben Carson is one of the heroes of our times. His personal biography is portrayed in a book called “Think Big”. I was given a small poster with the words “Think Big” at a low point in my life by … Continue reading

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The 11th Hour

Subbing in Murphysboro. I thought I would live blog this environmental film. It’s about relationship between us and the environment. The planet is infected, with the lights seen from space indicating the level of infection. “What I hear in my dreams” … Continue reading

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The End of Climate Change for Now

I have been following the climate change meltdown to draw parallels with the coming meltdown of evolution believers. Both sets of believers are firmly entrenched in education with plenty of self interests to keep the belief systems going no matter … Continue reading

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The Truth Steps Forward

There are many articles like this one finally giving us the other voices concerning man made climate change. He quotes from this British paper’s (it seems that British reporters are the only ones following the story) story. Here is a … Continue reading

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Rare Insight

Here is an excellent article by Jerome Ravetz. What happened with Climategaate dovetails with his theories about modern science. The combination of dealing with unknowns and then having the science thrust out into public policy can hurt scientific objectivity. Here … Continue reading

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Almost Hypnotized

I read this article with its kind of sing songy cadence, agreeing and disagreeing as it went along. Its justifications of why scientists could not take the time to respond to critics were included with the rhythm of the article. … Continue reading

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Follow the Money

There is money to be made in carbon trading and green stocks. How much money can be made might be dependent upon the latest warning about manmade global warming. Al Gore was set to be a multi-billionaire before the climaategate … Continue reading

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Disappearing Rainforest?

Well, not quite. Actually another set of “wishful data” that gets included in the UN report. Here is the article. The pursuit of proving manmade climate change goes on, despite the errors revealed so far. Here is a quote from … Continue reading

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