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Why do I appose Obamacare? Because history shows that everywhere socialism advances, it advances at the expense of Christianity. Stronger socialism always equals weaker Christian dynamics in society. Michael Totten’s essay on Havana gives us this: He told me about … Continue reading

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What has possessed Lois Lerner?

I discovered the writings of Mark Steyn via the British publication: “The Spectator” while in Zambia in 1999. He was a swashbuckling, pro-American writer daring to go where no writer had gone before. His worst predictions, written about so well … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan Speech

Here is a great Paul Ryan speech. Here is a portion: We can strengthen our defense of liberty if we remember to keep in mind those who are struggling to make ends meet. What makes our Constitution such an extraordinary … Continue reading

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Good Media Article

Here is a great article describing the media environment that gave us the selling of Newsweek for a dollar to the husband of a Democratic member of congress.

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