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International Goodwill Mission

Joan and I are getting ready to make a return trip to Zambia. The last time we went we were able to travel with our 3 daughters at missionary rates giving us 15 pieces of luggage. We equipped the Mazabuka … Continue reading

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Advance Against Malaria

It is not the complete package, and it seems that it is a drug wrapped up in mosquito nets, but this article brings hope to a world battling malaria. Congrats to the Gates for their involvement. I use Bing over … Continue reading

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More Monze Photos

Here are some more photos, including the one mentioned below with Happy and his family.

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Friday Afternoon in Monze

The girls have enjoyed a leisurely morning with Nashim, so we get back to the house, have a cup of coffee, get ready and head to Monze. We are heading to the church pastored by Oliver and Shiela Hanzala. Oliver … Continue reading

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Friday Morning in Mazabuka

There is a relief in finishing a revival. Not an, I’m glad its over relief, but a physical relaxation upon finishing a energy consuming task. So that Friday morning I was feeling relaxed and pleased with myself. I was looking … Continue reading

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Thursday Afternoon in Mazabuka

There is a pattern to our lunches with the Dawoudgee’s. We arrive and the men are still at prayer. Today lunch is at Mohammed’s house, the brother of Ebrahim. He is married to the sister of Ebrahim’s wife, Nashim. Her … Continue reading

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Thursday in Mazabuka

I wake up sensing some of that inevitable culture shock. The action is non stop and even though I have spent seven years of my life here it is still a different cultural setting that assails all of my senses … Continue reading

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