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Happy Israel

Audra just alerted me to this article this morning by Caroline Glick. It started with this: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a guest appearance on Channel 2’s left-wing satire show Eretz Nehederet. One of the final questions that the show’s … Continue reading

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Hope for America: Look at Israel

Watching a film series in Sunday School that talks of the roots of America. One falacy that has been repeated over and over is that the framers of the constitution, the founding fathers, were mostly deists. It is true that … Continue reading

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Siege of Jerusalem

The Unnecessary War  This was a war that should have never taken place. There was no leader. There was no strategy. There was no vision. The previous 65 years had been a time of peace as Israel prospered under the … Continue reading

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Grand Mufti’s Legacy, No Compromise

Here is a short article giving us the background as to why the Palestinians have rejected statehood 3 times before now. Here is just one quote: He then moved on to Berlin, where he spent the duration of the war … Continue reading

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Israeli Realities

As we approach the moment when the Palestinians will seek statehood through the UN, I found this article worth reading. It is loaded with links and the comments are worth looking at as Richard Landes defends his statements.

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The Speech

Here is the complete text of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today:   Honored guests, citizens of Israel. Peace has always been our people’s most ardent desire. Our prophets gave the world the vision of peace, we greet one another with wishes … Continue reading

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Yom Hashoah Day

We watch as President Obama leads America to a place of bowing to Islam while abandoning our religious and historical ties to Israel, don’t be surprised as God’s promise to the Jews unfolds for us: “I will bless those that … Continue reading

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