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Girls Fighting

I noticed a couple of articles on girls trying to act like boys by fighting with each other at Gateway Pundit. I had a experience with girls fighting this last week and used in a sermon last Sunday night. I … Continue reading

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“Overcome Bitterness” The Ad

I preached a sermon on bitterness recently using one of my favorite illustrations. While we were pastoring in Seattle in the mid to late 1990’s “Overcome Bitterness” on white billboards appeared all over the city. At that time we were street … Continue reading

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Nothing New Under the Sun

I was looking for an illustration to go with a sermon on a “our citizenship is in heaven” sermon. Pastor Mitchell’s classic on the subject is something I still carry in my soul to this day. He had described each … Continue reading

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God Laughs at His Enemies

I started a new morning routine now that school is over. I decided to work my way through Psalms using Spurgeon’s “Treasury of David”. Here is part of the second Psalm: Ps 2:1-6 Why do the nations rage, And the … Continue reading

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A Brave Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie wrote a piece in the New York Times talking about her decision and the actual operation concerning her double mastectomy. Bravely done! Here is a quote: But I am writing about it now because I hope that other … Continue reading

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Tebow Blackball?

This was news to me. Here is a great article about it. One quote: The truth is that it is the best part of Tim Tebow that they can’t accept – his character. They hide behind the release and the … Continue reading

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My Man Skylar

Every once in a while life gives you little pictures that are worth their weight in gold. Joan and I have become acquainted with a young man named Skylar through our substitute teaching. He is a special ed student, who … Continue reading

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Searching for Sugarman

I am preaching a Tom Payne sermon tonight from our January conference. The sermon is about the admonition to the Philadelphia church to not lose their crown. The illustration he used to set up the homecoming we have prepared for … Continue reading

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Guilt, An Unmodern Concept

Just listened to a radio commercial while exercising. It was a public service (paid for by the government) announcement about the importance of keeping a budget. The admonition of the spot was to remember to include the “guilty” pleasures of … Continue reading

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Anti-bullying, A Trjojan Horse

When I first saw anti-bullying posters around the schools, schools that have zero-tolerance violence policies, I didn’t catch what was going on. Never gave it much thought until Dan Savage showed his colors at a conference sponsored by the National … Continue reading

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