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Same ol’ Same ol’

I cam across this article by Peter Suderman. His premise is that there is a reason why all Hollywood movies seem the same these days. Here is a quote: If you’ve gone to the movies recently, you may have felt … Continue reading

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Searching for Sugarman

I am preaching a Tom Payne sermon tonight from our January conference. The sermon is about the admonition to the Philadelphia church to not lose their crown. The illustration he used to set up the homecoming we have prepared for … Continue reading

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A Real Music Video

This is my idea of what a real music video can do. What are the possibilities?

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Favorite Easter Film

It has to be “James Tembo, Detective”; you can watch it on Godtube.

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Great Film

We will be showing the film "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" Sunday night. I read a review in Seattle in the early 1990’s about a molecular biology book. I had not read "Darwin on Trial" yet and was not aware … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Dilemma

Here is the most helpful review on Amazon about the film “Darwin’s Dilemma” that we will be showing tonight at church. By Jon Covey (Torrance, CA USA) – See all my reviews(REAL NAME) "The Cambrian explosion was the most remarkable … Continue reading

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Expelled the Movie No Intelligence Allowed

I just reviewed "Expelled" to show in church on Jan. 31. This will follow our revival with Pastor Terry Haynes. I think the film will be a great kick off for a series of films and Sunday Schools I want … Continue reading

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Seems like all of the girls in school are reading it and broke curfew to see the movie. Here is a list of the top twenty lessons that girls are getting from the book series and the films.

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Fireproof the Movie

“You never leave your partner, especially in a fire” is communicated to us early in the film "Fireproof". This is a film for everyone who cares about marriage, especially your own. It gives us two characters, Catherine and Caleb. We … Continue reading

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