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Calif. Trip Part 2

My mother is an amazing woman. Without being disrespectful, she reminds me of our puppy Poochini. Let me explain. Every time Poochini sees our neighbors he instantly raises his life up a notch for whatever interaction he can make happen. … Continue reading

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A curious mixture of sexual freedom and its lessons.

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What a Proposal!

I am concerned that my future son-in-law is ruining life for many men wanting to propose to the women of their dreams. I am trying to compare his proposal to Laura Michelle to my quick question directed to Joan after … Continue reading

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Road Trip

Joan and I took off Thursday morning making our way to New Philadelphia in Ohio to preach for our friend Tom Cunningham. We will also rendezvous with Laura Michelle. We headed southeast for the Kentucky town of Perryville where a … Continue reading

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Brightest Full Moon

Today, May 5, the moon comes closest to Earth in its orbit and it happens to be a full moon, so we can see the moon in its brightest. Joan and I took a trip to Chester, where we got … Continue reading

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Anniversary 28

Friday I worked a half day at Chester teaching 7th and 8th grade math. I can still find the answers at this level, anything beyond that has me looking to the students for help. One day I will try and remedy … Continue reading

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Magna Cum Laude

Joan graduated on Saturday Dec. 17th with her teacher’s certificate Magna Cum Laude from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This has been a long and rewarding journey for her. As our children entered school age in Seattle we were drawn to … Continue reading

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