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Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell”

I read “Signature in the Cell” by Stephen Meyer. What a fantastic journey through his mind as he shepherded the idea of making “intelligent design” an acceptable explanation for the origin of life in the scientific community. (This was the … Continue reading

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My Man Skylar

Every once in a while life gives you little pictures that are worth their weight in gold. Joan and I have become acquainted with a young man named Skylar through our substitute teaching. He is a special ed student, who … Continue reading

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The 11th Hour

Subbing in Murphysboro. I thought I would live blog this environmental film. It’s about relationship between us and the environment. The planet is infected, with the lights seen from space indicating the level of infection. “What I hear in my dreams” … Continue reading

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Bored or Lazy?

In Zambia I would come by the church sometimes and ask the guys what they were doing. At first, they would say “nothing” and I would help them find something to do. As time went on they discovered things to … Continue reading

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Magna Cum Laude

Joan graduated on Saturday Dec. 17th with her teacher’s certificate Magna Cum Laude from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This has been a long and rewarding journey for her. As our children entered school age in Seattle we were drawn to … Continue reading

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Hope for the Future

I have had an unusual substitution year. It started with a call before school started asking me to take one of the kindergarten classes several times. The first time we had a student teacher, making my day extremely easy. The second … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Quote

Came across this great quote here. Here is the quote from a book review: “The really hard part about teaching is the thinking. Because if you want to help people as an educator, you have to know what people are … Continue reading

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New Rules

I substituted today in for the second grade. It was a class I had subbed for last year and the year before and I can say they have grown up a bit in a year, but it is still one … Continue reading

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Future of Education?

I came to believe that learning to type and learning to get along with people (emotional intelligence) are two keys that would enable a person to move forward in the modern society we live in. It was very rewarding to … Continue reading

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Need Passion

A teacher failed this pop quiz: leading to this observation:  For all the talk about lesson planning, creative learning, compassionate engagement, etc., from the education reform crowd, how often is it asked: Do our teachers know their subjects? If not, it’ll … Continue reading

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