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From a Co-op strategy to a lying strategy

I have to admit that whenever I have heard names like “Catholic Charities”, “Baptist General Convention” and “Baptist Child and Family services, I thought it was the government spreading some cash around to Catholic and Baptist organizations in an attempt … Continue reading

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A curious mixture of sexual freedom and its lessons.

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Democratic Women

Watching the democratic party protect their desire to do as they will with their female loyalists has brought about a couple of different articles. I found Klavan’s “The Sad Fate of Democratic Women”¬†interesting. Here is a quote: So in other … Continue reading

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Current Affairs

Here are my notes for tonight’s sermon. I had most of it in my head from my daily reading in Psalms, in this case Psalm 12, but I still needed an illustration. I knew that would be rather straight forward … Continue reading

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What has possessed Lois Lerner?

I discovered the writings of Mark Steyn via the British publication: “The Spectator” while in Zambia in 1999. He was a swashbuckling, pro-American writer daring to go where no writer had gone before. His worst predictions, written about so well … Continue reading

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Only One Leg to Stand On

It is good to see President Obama getting back into doing what he does best: giving stuff away in exchange for electoral support. This article describes the new drive to lower interest rates of student loans held by the government. … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Post

We showed “Taking Chance” last night in church. We had a tough transition following the movie to celebrating birthdays with some great deserts. It was a tough transition because of the emotional impact of the film. I think there is … Continue reading

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