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Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell”

I read “Signature in the Cell” by Stephen Meyer. What a fantastic journey through his mind as he shepherded the idea of making “intelligent design” an acceptable explanation for the origin of life in the scientific community. (This was the … Continue reading

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The Battle Hymn of the Republic

I can see this march through memory lane of Steyn’s writings might not be healthy for my pastoral endeavors. Here is another one. I started reading Mark Steyn’s articles in the British Spectator when I first went to Zambia and … Continue reading

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Democratic Women

Watching the democratic party protect their desire to do as they will with their female loyalists has brought about a couple of different articles. I found Klavan’s “The Sad Fate of Democratic Women” interesting. Here is a quote: So in other … Continue reading

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“The End of Men” by Hanna Rosin

I have been planning to write about Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men and the Rise of Women”. It provided me with several illustrations in sermons. A day off and some notes I scribbled down last week about a Princeton … Continue reading

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Blood/Salt Covenant

Each year at Easter I try to read two books. One is Rosen’s “Christ in the Passover” and the other is “The Blood Covenant” by Trumbull. Once again I added a new wrinkle to our Easter Love Feast. By reading … Continue reading

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Michener’s “Caravan”

It was a pleasure to use Michener’s “Caravan” as my illustration last night in my sermon. I have been lightening up my reading a bit. I have always enjoyed the Michener books I have read: Covenant, Drifters, Hawaii and now … Continue reading

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“Blessed are the Meek” by Zofia Kossak

Zofia Kossak has a Wikipedia entry worth reading. She is a historical fiction writer who made a stand against what the Germans were doing to Jews in her Polish homeland during WWII. Despite her self-admitted prejudice against Jews she found herself defending … Continue reading

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