Chapter 25

Chapter 26 The Escape

The family silently stared at me sensing my desperation.

Jane spoke: “Hey, its Sunday morning we need to get ready for church. And Jack, you are going with us. Why don’t you call pastor while we get ready. Doug will be by about 9:30 in his van. He picks us up every Sunday morning. You will go out wearing David’s hoodie, taking his place in the van.”

I moved over to David’s room while they got ready. I called Pastor. He would just be getting ready to start Sunday School in the Midwest. He picked up. I gave him a brief rundown. He was excited for me. What a miracle that I would end up at Jane’s. He was sure God was going to help me. I couldn’t help feeling hopeful. He asked me to say hello to the gang and then we prayed. God was going to undertake for us. I wasn’t sure how but I thanked him and let him get back to church.

I stared at the posters on David’s walls. I was already losing the boost he had given me. Then it struck me. I was looking at a picture of the Great Wall of China. I found the photo of the Chinese guy’s card. Talk about a Hail Mary pass! Xi Jack. What a combo of names. I looked online on how to pronounce Xi, Shi. I called him. He picked up with a single “yes?” I spoke his name. “Yes.” I let him know who I was and how I got his number and as compactly as possible let him know my situation. He quietly listened.

He let me know that he was driving up from San Francisco. He would be driving through Seattle around 2:00 on his way to Canada. He would pick me up. I asked David where a good place along Highway 5 would be to be picked up. He said you were going to a special service today at Lorraine’s church. Tell him 85th Street and 5. I told him. He said OK, be on the offramp going north so he wouldn’t lose any time. He would text as he got close.

“Van’s here!” We marched out to the van. It was a work van, “Ballard Hardwoods”. A guy got out and slid open the door while Jane got it the front seat. He had a homemade bench seat set up for Unique and I. We got in and drove past the gang house at the corner without incident. Just a normal Sunday for Jane’s family.

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