Chapter 27

 Chapter 27 He’s Got the Whole World…

“This is Doug Begg!” Jane introduced us.

Doug started talking right away as if he had known me forever. We were all going over to Lorrain’s church, the Philadelphia Church. She used to go to church with Jane, Doug and his wife Karen with my pastor. Karen and her grandkids would meet us there. He was describing the big event as we slid by the gang house. They scarcely gave us a second look. Doug didn’t seem worried.

He laughed, “Angels must have made us invisible.”

I interrupted and asked about making it to 85th at 2:00. He would make sure I was there. Jane talked for me as she informed Doug of all that was going on with me.

Doug’s response: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you.”

He said church was the right place to be for a man in my circumstances. This was going to be the perfect sermon for me. Apparently, on Christmas Day Lorrain’s pastor had a heart attack that led to 13 operations. He would be preaching today for the first time since then. At one point he had an e coli infection that wouldn’t clear up and he had to remain sedated with his chest open in the hope that the infection would peter out. Hopeless, but everyone prayed.

“Jesus Saves” was lit up on the church. This is a Scandinavian church that was touched by the Pentecostal fires in the early 1900’s. There was electricity in the air as we entered and sat with Karen and the grandkids. I met Lorraine. She already knew what was going on from Jane and let me know that Jesus was going to help me.

“We just believe, that is all we can do”.

I listened to the sermon. The pastor and his wife shared their story. Even though the place was overpacked with visitors; the sermon was a love letter of thanks to the congregation that prayed them through. Into the storm, through the valley and up from the ashes…I am gently being ministered to.

Doug treated us all to Dick’s Drive In after service. I sat and politely listened to the talk, they were so comfortable together as a group. The tension that had disappeared during church was building back up. What if Xi didn’t show? What then? I found myself totally dependent on Jesus. Maybe that’s the way it was supposed to be. Doug was just killing time for me, he was looking out for me.

We said our good-byes and the group prayed for me with Doug taking the lead. I was feeling better. Lorraine, at 91 years old, would give Jane and Unique a ride home. Some people have the genes. Doug would get me to the off ramp at 2:00.

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