The Untouchable

Chapter 25 The Untouchable

“Now what?” Jane asks.

“I guess I should make some calls”.

I called Shaman, no answer. I called Detective Larson.

“We are all in hot water and its getting hotter. They haven’t charged Shaman yet; but they are grilling him and no one is being allowed to talk with him, even his wife.”

“How is Joan doing?”

“She is beside herself.”

“You have a target on your back. You are the main suspect in a kidnapping of Savanah. One of the untouchables held a briefing this morning. He had photos of you at the printing office and stalking her at the troll.”

“How did those photos get from the bad guys to the police?”

“I think there are some bad guys in the department. I stashed your truck before they found it. Your wiring is messed up; but et least the truck is drivable. They know you were involved in the church break in; but it is not being mentioned in any of the reports. You are being described as a psycho ex-marine who went nuts after your wife died.”

“What is an untouchable?”

“I’m sorry, that is our slang for any of the officers who have special sexual identities. They are a bitch to work with; and if you say the wrong thing there goes your retirement. Your untouchable thinks he has finally arrived with this assignment. He is pulling out all of the stops to get you. You can tell there is pressure from the higher ups.”

“What can I do?”

“I am not sure. It gets worse. Keith’s friends at the high school are identifying all of the chatter about a big protest/riot tonight centered around downtown where the printer is located. These guys might be trying to cover their tracks with the rioting. You know what that could mean!”

“You think they might try to stash the bodies and make them appear as collateral damage during the riots?”

“I wouldn’t put it past them.”

“What are you doing?”

“Sorry, my hands are tied, believe it or not I am the lead detective in tracking you down. I think they are setting a trap for me as well. They know I go to church with Shaman and my paranoia is getting the best of me. I will do what I can; but I really don’t have any leads to follow on Keith or Savanah. Do you have anything?”

“I am just getting going, I am being hid by a family just across the street from the church. The gang at the corner is connected to the church and they are scouring the streets looking for me. Let me call Joan and I will keep in touch. Can we keep contact using your phone?”

“It’s my personal phone, so for now we are OK. We will keep in touch.”

I called Joan and did my best to comfort her; but this was bigger than any comfort I could bring to her. We prayed together and told her I believed God. It was just a show, my confident faith was no where to be found. I was empty again.

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