Chapter 19 and 20

Chapter 19 Now What!

I stood there looking at the vehicle. Whatever vehicle grabbed her is close; maybe I can have a stroke of luck. I glanced over at some homeless guys camped out off the sidewalk.

“I saw what happened.”

“Hop in and tell me real quick.”

He got in and quickly described her stopping because some homeless guys were beating the light to cross. A car pulled up behind her. Two guys got out and went to each side of her car. The guy on the passenger side had a crowbar but didn’t need it, the door was open. He opened it as the other guy opened the driver’s side. We watched him reach in and unbuckle her seatbelt as the other guy easily dragged her from the car and took her to the other vehicle. In they went and the car did a screeching U-turn. It happened incredibly fast. They were driving a black SUV but I didn’t get the license plate. They were big guys, tough guys.

I called 911 as I parked the car. “When the cops show up tell them I went looking for the SUV.”

“There is no God!”

Shaman just looked at me like I was crazy. I had never dropped acid before and it was already taking me to another place. I had stayed quiet just listening to the music and watching the lights play on people’s faces. Then it hit me like a thunderbolt, of course, there was no God. God had been holding us back our whole lives and if there was no God, the sky was the limit. I needed to let Shaman know that we were finally free from it all. I said it to him: “There is no God!”

“Shut up, that’s the drug talking, not you.”

My mind began doing summersaults. I was hearing patterns in the music that were matching the patterns in my mind, only to be interrupted by a sudden movement close by. I was wanting to dance, run; just do something. We were sitting on the grass, I got up. “Don’t even think about it.”

He was right, I was out there, so I sat down; but now all I could think about was getting up and running. It played out in my mind like I was at the beach and the waves would come in and then go out; I would get the urge to run and then it would dissipate. The waves kept coming, getting larger, finally I couldn’t stand it. I had to run, and I did.

I ran around the field to the music. People would laugh, some would run with me; but it I couldn’t stop. Shaman was trying to keep an eye on me; but I was covering lots of ground. The music was fading, I had found a tree in a quiet place that began to show me a path to glory. It was speaking to me: “save me”. Was this my calling? Saving the trees, saving mother nature?

The music had stopped. I tried to hear it; but it had stopped. I was still in the park. I really didn’t even know which direction the concert was. I was disoriented in too many ways. I wandered around, avoiding people, constantly being distracted by this or that. Everything was a revelation.

I made it to the edge of the park. A van pulled up. “Hey running man.” I looked at faces that were trying to communicate to me. “Want to go to a party?” I jumped in the car with them.

It was one of those San Francisco houses that go up, story after story. I was introduced to everyone as running man and many of them remembered me from the concert. I felt welcomed. The music was loud and there were different rooms with different music and different atmospheres. I couldn’t find where I belonged. I was an orphan without purpose. It started getting negative. The revelations were being replaced by the nothingness of reality. Lots of needles. Sex, but it was sexless, the lyrics just reinforced this sense of futility. I had journeyed up to the roof top and down to the basement several times. When I realized, I was trapped. I would never get out. I found a comfortable chair and bundled up and tried to work it all out in my mind, the perfect patterns and revelations that came to me while high were being replaced by enigmas and riddles as I was coming down. I had no answers.

Most people had went home or were sleeping. I was still awake. There were several people like myself still half under the influence of whatever they had taken that had kept them active to this point. Some people were watching TV, laughing. Some pleasant music was playing on the floor above me. There he was. Shaman!

We got into a car that belonged to a guy who helped Shaman find me. We went back to where we had stashed our sleeping bags and went to sleep. There were only a few hours of night left, even then I just laid awake. When I finally was able to close me eyes and sleep, I could hear the noises of the city awakening, instead of getting louder they were fading. I slept till the afternoon.

If Shaman could find me that night; I could find Savanah.

Chapter 20 I Prayed

I sped over to Freemont and onto the Aurora Bridge and headed downtown. I found myself praying.

I was checking out the billboards as I crossed the bridge. Pastor had preached about the mysterious white billboards with “Overcome Bitterness” all over Seattle. He thought it was some high-powered church group that was taking aim at one of the besetting sins of humanity, bitterness.

Is this anger I am feeling; is it my bitterness happy to express itself? That is what the signs were. They were an expression of the bitterness felt by one Seattle coffee company towards another Seattle coffee company. That was not what they wanted to communicate; but for anyone with spiritual eyes that is what they saw. “The rest of the story” on the billboards would let us know that it was Starbucks coffee that was bitter and you “overcome bitterness” by coming back to your first love coffee, Seattle’s Best. Starbuck’s was taking over the world while Seattle’s Best couldn’t quite get out of Seattle. Bitterness!

I only knew one place to go, the print shop. I knew there was an alley entryway. I slowly turned into the alley. There was the SUV. There was a guy leaning against the hood looking away from me. I pulled out of the alley and parked on the street and walked down the alley. I was about 10 yards away when he flipped his cigarette and in doing so saw me. I could see he recognized me and was reaching into his coat.

I sprang forward and leaping towards him with leg kicking and fist smashing; he was down. I dragged him to the door of the SUV. There were tie clips on the seat. I fastened his hands and feet together and then gently slapped his face. I had taken his wallet and gun; now I needed some information.

“We are going to do this only once. You tell me everything you know about Savanah, why you took her, why are you here and what were your plans for her.”

He was a big guy, a strong guy. He tested the ties as he began to think through the moment. I didn’t say anything. I know there were three of them, so the other two went inside with her. I needed to know what I was up against. Who were they meeting? How many more might be inside. I had my weapon, his weapon and the adrenaline is flowing.

“They are going to squeeze her and find out what she knows and who she has told it to. The plan is to unload her on an “Epstein” island, except the clientele won’t be the Bill Clinton’s of this world.” He smiled. I smacked him as hard as I could with his gun. He was out.

They are only moments ahead of me. I must go in. It would be tactically better to wait and ambush them; but who knows what pain they will bring to bear while I wait out here. I must go in. I get the tire iron out of the SUV. I won’t need it; the door is open. Here we go, Jesus!

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