Chapter 18 Too Much To Handle

Chapter 18 Too Much to Handle

We stopped and faced each other.

Strength, charm, desirability, vulnerability and fright. My mind was franticly processing what I just heard, combining it with what I knew about Keith’s discoveries. I put my arms around her as she began to cry. I couldn’t come up with any words. We walked and found a bench and sat down.

I thought about “Gotya” leaving town. “We need to keep you safe. Where can you go?”

“I’m not running, I want to help you find your friend. There is one more thing. When the Chinese from the consulate showed up; they acted like they were top dogs. The criminal types didn’t intimidate them and the American-Chinese computers guys knew their place. Even the player from Las Vegas deferred to them.”

“That was only three days ago.”

“Right, well one of them slipped me a card without anyone seeing.”

“Did he say anything?”

“No, he just caught my eyes, and I read honesty.”

There is no way I can allow her to go back to that place. It was Keith and “Gotya’s” work that had brought all of this to a head. They knew someone was hacking into their activities. They grabbed Keith, “Gotya” left town and then I showed up. I assume those guys following her were taking photos. It wouldn’t take long for them to recognize me from my office visit and the troll. She would be suspect!

“Let me take a picture of the card.”

She gave me the card and I took a photo with my phone. I realized I did not even know her name.

I prayed a prayer. “What’s your name?”


“Savanah, you cannot go back to the office. They might already have put you and me together. That doesn’t matter. They will be tying up loose ends and you might be considered a loose end. You need to keep you safe. You can help us find Keith.”

I made a decision, I’m sure Shaman would understand. “I’m taking you over to a friend’s house. He lives close by. He is the father to Keith. You can stay involved in helping us; but you can’t go back to work. Understand?” She nodded her head.

“Let’s get back to the cars and you can follow me over to their house.”

We made our way to Shaman’s. Going through downtown Ballard there were some turns and lights. I made a right at one light, thinking she could make it, but she stopped as it turned. I continued around the corner and waited for her to come around. She wasn’t coming. I got out of the car and ran back around the corner. I heard screeching tires and cars honking. Her car was still running at the light; but she was no where to be seen.

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