Project 1619

Project 1619 is the program in which the New York times will examine America through the lens of slavery which they believe to be the number #1 contributing factor in making America what it is today.

I read an article today published by the New York Times by: David J. Silverman is a professor of history at George Washington University and the author, most recently, of “This Land Is Their Land: The Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the Troubled History of Thanksgiving.”

Here is the link to the article. 

Mr. Silverman can start making things right by giving any of the bounty he has collected in America back to the Wampanoag Indians. No that’s not why he writes.

I was in a classroom recently for about 45 minutes. The teacher gave me instructions. We were to go over two sheets, one on Puritans and one on Quakers. The kids came in, he took role and as he left he went over the assignment and asked the kids to determine which group, between the Puritans and Quakers, were democrats or republicans.

I handed out the papers. The Puritan paper was in bold dark ink and the Quaker paper was in light normal ink. The Puritans were murderers, kidnappers, land stealers and religious hypocrites to boot. The Quakers were kind, friendly to Indians and wanting to help everybody.

We are talking 8th grade so they are old enough to know they are being manipulated. I pointed out the two type sets. I asked for a show of hands about who they liked better. Quakers hands down. Since they had been studying the early Indian wars, their comments centered on the Puritans fighting the Indians and the Quakers loving the Indians.

My final question. Who gave the Quakers their land in America? Was that land originally the Indian’s? Did they give it back to the Indians or did they keep it for themselves?

The teacher arrived back in the class room. I showed him the two papers and said: “one dark and one light”. His response: “Well it really is obvious”. He was a bit sheepish but not enough to ever treat the subject even handedly.

Living in a land where half of the nation hates the nation or is being taught to hate the nation. Let’s see how things develop.

UPDATE: Here is Wolf Howling’s response to the New York Times article.

John Hinderaker puts slavery into perspective.

Slavery was always part of history. When slavery became a “black” thing it crossed a line into something that was immoral and from the Christian perspective; demonic.

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