A Presidential Pardon

I became aware of Conrad Black through the writings of Mark Steyn. Mark did a great job in describing the miscarriage of justice that landed Conrad Black in prison for 3 years.

Well, he got a call from the president. You can read about it here: “A Full Presidential Pardon”.

When I began to see articles written by him, I found his confidence noteworthy. Here is how he ends this article:

The American criminal justice system is frequently and largely evil; I was convicted for attempted obstruction of injustice. It was never anything but a smear job.

For my friends, no explanation was ever necessary; for my enemies, none would ever have sufficed. As I told the trial judge at resentencing: I always try to take success like a gentleman and reversals like a man. On to better things and brighter days.

Prov 22:9  Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.

That word “excels” includes a sense of overcoming as water finds away around, over, under or through every obstacle that is put in its way.

Thus, Conrad Black stands before kings.

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