Youth Literature, Dystopian Future

…Except the future is now. Robert Tracinski makes this point in an essay entitled: “We Live in the Dystopian Future Young Adult Fiction Warned Us About”.

Here are his eleven bullet points:

1. Speech Codes

2. Mobs Enforcing Vague and Arbitrary Offences

3. Punishment Without Due Process

4. Masked and Black-Clad Gangs Who Beat Dissenters

5. Requiring People to Accept Obvious Falsehoods as True

6. Dividing People into Groups by Race

7. Getting News from Entertainment Shows Run by Comedians

8. A Long Period of Dependency and Infantilization

9. Strange, Artificial Systems for Relationships and Sex

10. Employment Blacklists for Dissenters

11. Culture and Politics Are Dominated by a Corrupt Capitol

Welcome to the future now!



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