A Moment in Time

My last post was on Oct. 1, 2016. The next day we would start revival with Larry O’Halloran. I would take him to the airport on Oct. 6 and continue out to Nevada to see my mom who was dealing with stage 4 lung cancer. The time was coming for her to sell her house and she wanted me to make sure I got my father’s dress swords. I drove my truck out there with the intention of taking some garage things home with me along with the swords.

I got there Friday night and had a good night with my sister Laurie and Mom. The plan was for Mom to sell the house and go live with my two sisters in Lodi CA. That Saturday’s chores got put on hold as she received an offer on the house. There was some bargaining during the day with the final offer being agreed upon and the final paperwork to be signed Monday. We went to Mass that Saturday night followed by McDonalds with the ladies and priest Father Jesus.

Mom would come to church with me in Reno the next morning. I have always enjoyed preaching to my Mom. She wears the smile of a proud mother. She has relationships in the Reno church and they treat her very well. Pastor Louis Oliver has been allowing me to preach in his church for the last 25 years as I would visit my parents and now visit Brooke who married Billy in the Reno church. Barb, the pastor’s wife, would have a gift to give my Mom as we headed home.

We stopped at one of her favorite restaurants on the way home. We would discuss the protestant altar call. She understood going forward to receive Christ; but what were all of those people doing at the altar? We had both responded to a TV presentation we watched together when I was about 21. Since my salvation she has prayed with me several times. I was able to compare the altar call with the Catholic communion service. Both have a moment of recognizing and confessing sin, a Sin Offering, the protestant then surrenders his will to Christ and the Catholic receives the graces of Communion, the Burnt Offering and finally both return to their seats at peace with God, with family and the world; the Peace Offering.

She had a comfortable afternoon eating, sleeping and watching TV with me. We watched “St. Vincent” with Bill Murray together with her running commentary. I made her a nice salad with lamb riblets. I found her putting more and more weight upon me during the course of the day as she would do the little movement required. I realized I would have to extend my stay until my sisters could make it back in two weekends. She needed my help.

I put her to bed about 11:00 that night. There was medicine that still needed to be taken and about 12:00 we started that process. One thing would lead to another until I found myself calling 911 and administering CPR. My mom passed away.

Not sure what to say next. I have stayed very busy with school and church but sometimes I feel like a walking Zombie; with that zest for life that I have prided myself in, despite my 61 years, harder to find or drum up. I have had a good prayer life during this time “casting my cares upon Him” and want to start looking forward to the future again.



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