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I see the cross-dressing men in high school. They seem to attract no attention that I can see. The high school has a designated bathroom for people who have switched their identity by choice. I can tell young people are trained to not pay any attention to them one way or another. Of course, all hell would fall on them if they  were to tease or confront in any way. That seems to be the makeup of this generation; I kind of live and let live.

I caught this article by Kathryn Hinderaker (possibly the daughter of a Powerlineblog guy) entitled “Why Millennials Hate Trump”. Here are some quotes:


College is all about political correctness. With PGPs and safe spaces abounding, students in college today are trained to be careful. From day one, every teacher includes a “Statement of Inclusion” on his or her syllabus. Students include their gender pronouns in the signature of their emails. Say you’re not a feminist and you immediately become a misogynist. The list goes on. It has been ingrained in the mind of every recent college student to use extreme caution when speaking, as to not offend someone. Donald Trump is quite clearly the opposite of this. His unfiltered railing and ranting is like nails on a chalkboard to our college-trained ears.

Everyone must have a cause. College students are expected to campaign for and adamantly help and protect those we decide to be “disadvantaged.” And to show how charitable and selfless we are, we slap a sticker on our laptop or pin a button to our backpack. But even these small, small gestures of recognition of a cause instantly boost our egos. We tell others we’re involved with charities because we’re changing lives, but we all secretly know it’s just because it will look good on our grad school application. Nevertheless, we still see ourselves as social justice warriors; heroes to the disadvantaged everywhere. Trump, with his focus on American values and the American economy, is a disgrace to our socially aware selves. Our laptop stickers cringe when we hear “lower taxes” and the buttons on our backpacks try to escape at the sound of anything vaguely capitalistic. Because anything that benefits America, we have been taught, causes terror and hardship for the rest of the world.

“Make America Great Again” is irrelevant to college students because we can’t believe that America has been or ever will be anything but selfish and greedy. I’m reading a book for class right now on how capitalism is causing climate change. Last year, we discussed how the Constitution set us up for failure. I’ve even heard students chastise one another for claiming that America is the greatest country in the world. Because what’s focused on in the college classroom is not the insanely cool experiment that is America, but the horrific greed of the western world. Claiming America is superior to any other country will immediately mark you as naive, and probably a racist, too.

I say all this tongue-in-cheek, of course. I love my school to death. But there is no doubt that my classes and professors consistently push a liberal agenda in their teaching. So even if students do think they align more with conservative values, they would never be able to vote for Trump. He’s the butt of teacher’s jokes and the epitome of everything we’ve been taught is wrong with the world.

After reading this I was a little amazed. I have always thought the PC thing was a little far fetched but am only now beginning to realize how indoctrinated the younger people are.


So here is the redeeming story. Meet His Majesty. Here are some quotes; enjoy:

“A student has taken advantage of the opportunity afforded by University of Michigan’s new pronoun policy, which allows students to list their chosen pronouns on the official bios that are sent out to their teachers.

The student, Grant Stroble, has listed his pronoun as “His Majesty.”

He is stunning and brave. Applaud his courage. Weep openly, if you must.”

Stroble—a conservative student and member of Young Americans for Freedom’s Board of Governors—told The College Fix that he has no problem with students asking to be identified in the manner that makes them most comfortable. But he found the university’s new policy to be absurd:

In an interview with The College Fix, Strobl said that “I have no problem with students asking to be identified a certain way, almost like someone named Richard who would like to be called Dick. It is respectful to make a reasonable effort to refer to students in the way that they prefer.”

However, he added that he does have a problem when the university institutionalizes the use of pronouns that are completely arbitrary and may possibly sanction people for referring to someone different than their preference.

Strobl continued, “So, I henceforth shall be referred to as: His Majesty, Grant Strobl. I encourage all U-M students to go onto Wolverine Access, and insert the identity of their dreams.”

If this isn’t the feel-good story of the year, I don’t know what is.”

And I agree.





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