Got No Soul

I spent a day with the Cope students. These are the kids who have been removed from the schools due to their actions. They did a great job, as the school year was ending and they were all busy completing their work online so they could go back to regular school next year. I read this article about a Christian principal who is choosing to leave his school for a private school.

Here is a quote from the principal:

One of the worst things about public schools is that they are raising our children as if they do not have souls. In a public school, discipline and motivation to do the right thing are based purely on external stimuli–school-wide behavior programs and incentives for the good kids and discipline for the bad ones. These are simply controls that do not prepare anyone to do what he ought. This Skinner based approach is pervasive and inescapable. The poor and poorly behaved get the worst of it, for they are truly treated like soulless animals and governed purely by external stimuli. Christian kids do okay, but I have seen even these struggle to do the right thing when the external stimuli is removed. Schools are teaching our children to merely respond to pain/pleasure responses. This is no way to raise children to stay in the faith or to live in and perpetuate a free society.

So here I am watching over these “poor and poorly behaved” and have to admit that there are moments when it seems that they are acting like “soulless animals” and thus being treated like “soulless animals”.

Those with good behavior charts are allowed a break to walk around the building three times. I did a one minute bible study with the four that were rewarded with the “external stimuli” while on the walk.

I am coming to believe more and more the value of “”. I was talking with four blank slates. The word of God was not part of the mechanisms that shape their consciences. As far as a God given conscience to do right and wrong; they seem to be on the path of “searing” that conscience or having been reproved many times they are now at their young ages hardening their hearts towards the rights and wrongs that God has naturally placed in their hearts.

So we press on!


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