One Minute Bible Studies in Colton, CA

Just finished the “One Minute Bible Study Seminar” in Colton, CA for Pastor Eric Strutz. I did my science slide show on Wed. for his regular church service and then last night we did the seminar with three churches in attendance. We taught and then we went out and put into action what we learned. We did “one minute bible studies” with about 60 people and we had 12 people pray. When we all came back to the church after about 45 minutes of outreach there was a noticeable buzz of victory in the camp. The testimonies confirmed that spirit of joy and victory.

I had talked with 4 people. Damian, quitting marijuana, agitated and looking to get his life put together. He has been dating a Baptist girl for four years and wants to get his act together so he can ask her to marry him. He goes to some services with her and her parents. He prays. He knows he needs more. We prayed together asking God to draw him closer to Himself and bless his future life. I did the bible study in Spanish with two football players. We then communicated in broken English and Spanish the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism. The word picture went something like this: Jesus direct line to salvation and Jesus going through the Catholic church to salvation. I thinks that is how it works. Finally, I talked with David, a young 20 year old who just got laid off and broke up with his girlfriend. He realized he needed something new. We talked he thought. I brought it down to a choice, he chose not right now. I encouraged him and gave him a church flyer. It was nice being able to leave the park saying goodbye to Damian, now the goalie for the football match on a tennis court and David leaning against the fence of the skating park. I also came back to the church energized with a spirit of victory.

Thanks to the Colton church for their spirit and their faithfulness.

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