What Would Jesus Do?

Went with the young people on an outreach to Marion. Was asked to go into Walmart and talk with people. Did my first one minute bible study with a man waiting for his girlfriend in Walmart. This is what Pastor Jon Dixon and his church do in Stockton CA. When he told me about it; I had trouble imagining myself doing it; yesterday my moment of truth came. I passed.

We were redirected to the local park where championship little league games were taking place. While people are watching their children or grandchildren it is probably a little rude to try and break in and do a one minute bible study with them. But, in between the games it was the perfect setting. I found myself challenging groups of men to a one minute bible study. They would study me and eventually they had to say yes. The reason: they intuitively knew the connection between character, which they wanted instilled in their young ballplayers, and the word of God. Had some great conversations; but that challenging moment of asking them was filled with knowledge of a society losing what really mattered.

Finally, we were talking about the bathroom wars. What would Jesus do? He would use the men’s bathroom.

We accessed oneminutebiblestudies.com about 10 times talking to about 25 people. Other people around the country and some in Great Britain accessed the web page 70 times. I am enjoying this.


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