Time and Chance

  1. Joan and I were returning home after preaching in Wickenburg. We were in a crowded Phoenix airport Starbucks when I noticed something out of place with the corner of my eye. I looked again to see two heads on one body. I tried to not look again. As I waited for my drink I watched people as they tried to not stare at the two girls. Yes I could tell that much about them. As I went up to get my drink I asked them if they get two separate drinks or share one. Then one of them answers me and said that normally they get two but since they are in a hurry they are only getting one. One of them said thank you to me as they got their drink.

I was at school the next day and thought I would check out how often that happens. Well it turns out that Abby and Brittany Hensley are a well known pair of conjoined identical twins. They had parents who worked real hard to enable them to carry on as normal a life as possible. I have been reading books about DNA and the twists of fate that go with it all and the main reason I wanted to talk with them is to see if they were living or bitterly surviving. I felt life as I talked with them and now see that they are two incredible people with their own reality tv show at one time. I will put the notes of my “Time and Chance” sermon next post so you can see where my mind was as I ran into these two girls. The best to them.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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