January Conference 2016

January Conference 2016

This conference encouraged me. Last summer’s conference spoke to exactly what I was undertaking with “one minute bible studies”. Pastor Stevens preached pastor as entrepreneur, Pastor Golobev preached on trying new things and Pastor Greg Mitchell told us to go “cut wood”. It was just encouragement time this week with very few practical’s or pointed directions. Here are some quotes:

Pastor Wayman Mitchell: “My greatest crisis was going to Beachboro, Australia in 2009. One of my first sermons there was: What do you do when You Don’t Know What to do. The answer is: you do what you know to do. We need to be love and be loved; we need to accomplish something; we need to be recognized for what we have accomplished; and we need to venture out in life or roll the dice of life. God is a God of conquest and we need to gamble for God in the adventure of ministry. Ask God for wisdom. God is a living God – that means He can be contacted and we operate in a spiritual reality. God only guides those in motion. God finds men who were working. Toronto/Brownsville appealed to three kinds of people; unfruitful, this is the magic formula; wingnuts; and rebels. The wells of Gen. 26 are pictures of dominion; the first well was contested; the second had the Philistines against them; and the third was Beersheba, seven spring wells in one place. You have to do what we do. A young man commented after Pastor Mitchell’s arrival in Australia: “When you came here all we wanted to do was to make money and buy houses—now we want to preach the gospel”.

Pastor Kevin Foley: “We need folks to have an encounter with God through the word of God. Christians are easily diverted to substitution for the presence of God. The genuine presence of God where God meets you in the issues of life happens through the word of God. The heart is the seat of our active self. What you do reveals your heart. Jesus expounding His word moved their hearts.”

Pastor Evert Valk: “Life conquered me – because of a life in the flesh without the hope of God. What is the dominating factor of your life. A dominating factor can be a way of thinking. Sickness does not have to become the dominating factor in our life because Jesus is on the throne.”

Pastor Richard Rubi: “The toxic waste of ministry. The sick man confesses to the righteous man who prays to God. This is spiritual. We are all working with sick people who are seeding the physician. How you handle the sacredness of confession is critical.”

Pastor Joe Campbell: “Biggest regret; that we would have risked more. Men who risked their lives for the name of Jesus Christ. Adventure is God’s DNA for man. DRD4 is the genetic code connected to risk taking. I will make you fishers of men. I will make you a great nation. I will shape your testing. A picture of the vinedresser. Security; my definition is dead. Boredom is the root of all evil. Pastor, are your sermons boring? Maybe it is because your life is boring. Lot will never walk with Abraham like he did before. Real security is in the will of God. Life is more than minutes and money. It is movements and memories with God and people. That’s life. Are you living life or just chalking off pages?”

Pastor Nigel Brown: War will always be a divisive issue. Why do people want to be pacifist? Because of the cost of war. The danger of the unused sword (pastoral authority). Not because it is the safest, but because it is the right thing to do. Use of the pastor’s sword is a sacred issue. Lording over God’s people with harshness, you are betraying God’s sacred trust. Correct intel is necessary for war. You better have your facts right. The three swords in the tower of London are mercy, with the tip cut off, spiritual justice and temporal justice. A sword used correctly will bring peace and prosperity.”

Pastor Glen Cluck: “The only thing the devil understands is violence. How can you be texting in the presence of God. Red sea crossing had to be 5 miles wide for 3 million Jews to pass over in 1 night. You’ve been delivered from drugs and alcohol but you hate everyone. Keep yourself from grievance, rebellion and pride. Recall is a wonderful gift from God.”

Pastor Paul Stevens: “You might not realize it, but you might be in desperate need of a lifesaving, destiny saving correction. Correction is a necessity not an option. God answers prayer to intervene and if you are not praying he can intervene anyway. God will frustrate your purpose. There are those around you, pastor, who see what you don’t. David listened to the correction of Abigail.

Pastor Greg Mitchell: “There are things that God wants to happen. You are going to get into circumstances that you cannot fix. I know this will never get me on Christian TV. You have the theory but not the pain to back it up. Pain does not bring destiny; it equips you for destiny. The will of God is being at the right place at the right time.”

Pastor Sergei Golubev: “Difficult people; some churches have a lot, some more. Pastor maybe you are not discipling properly. The pastor’s words: ‘How long faithless generation.’ Because of bitterness you will not realize how your sermons have changed. You will not be able to inspire people. Church and pastor: mutual indifference. I did not stop dreaming bout the revival. I am going to stretch your heart and enlarge the tent of your dwelling. There needs to be a healing of your viewing of your church. The process of learning from your church. If our pastor loves us everything falls in place.”

Pastor Rajesh Gunashekar: “In India there is a god for everything you can believe in. Let your word take control Speak life into dying nations. That six pack will someday be a family pack; we need men filled with the Holy Spirit. Place me in a place where the dead are so that I can speak words of life. We need to practically bring Jesus to the nations of the world. Revival started when men stopped goofing around and got serious about their destiny. The simplicity of the gospel is powerful.”

Pastor Mark Aulson: The hazard of a Christian is a wounded or broken heart. If you are saved you ought to hear something from God. Sometimes we have to have an intersection with Jesus.”

Pastor Tom Payne: “Do you realize how important every day is. Consumer verses entrepreneur who adds and creates value. Life is a passing opportunity. The strategy of hell is to distort our view of reality. His ultimate goal is to get us to choose incorrectly. Arthur Brook wrote Romeo and Juliet as a Christian example and warning—Shakespeare stole it and rewrote it to glorify an illicit relationship. When you invest in God’s economy God can touch what we do. Life is meant to be lived by faith and understood in retrospect. Homeless kid who became pastor in Kenya ‘We used to go to the Catholic church Sunday morning for food and visit your church that night for the preaching.”

Pastor Scott Lamb: “The church will never be free of bad elements until the judgment. If we evangelize we are guaranteed to have good and bad and the problems that go with them. The nature of the church is good and bad living side by side. It is these problems in the church that destroys pastors. Doubt, unbelief begin to rule the day, you begin to doubt true salvation, becoming cynical, preaching at problems…having lost the kingdom of heaven in church. The supreme toll is thee shaking of his confidence to do the job. These parables here are a kingdom of God sandwich. Tares, evil one, stinking fish and in between the kingdom of heaven being treasure and pearls. Between the problems you dig down and find the treasure. To look at the treasure and only see the problems hurts. Chinese lives matter…your church is a beautiful thing; don’t you forget it.”

Pastor Jose Torres: There are areas of our life that we have not surrendered. Going and sending is the DNA of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has to be in our bloodstream. Somewhere God had to be God in my life. What can you do for God?”

Pastor Harold Warner: “We might not all be called to be pastors but we are all called to be ministers. Every church has loadbearing people. Bearing one another’s burdens is the essence of the church. We weather one crisis to just weather another crisis. So many metaphorical statements using back…get a backbone. Only a relationship with Jesus will keep you from being a bitter, old pastor. Grace under pressure. Ministry requires the quality of mental toughness. God is committed to training our backs with resistance forces. God has a special way of strengthening our backs to do the will of God. I was thinking how I am going to get my wheelchair up that mountain. Seth was thinking how Leon could make it to the top of that mountain. That is ministry, helping others finish the course.”

Pastor Wayman Mitchell: Doctrine determines productivity and destiny. The church is a mystery. The Jews rightly said they were the people of God—pushing this to the limit creates false doctrine—they thought gentiles were only good to feed the fires of hell. Blindness happens to the Jews until the time of the Gentiles is complete. The times of the gentiles and the fullness of the Gentiles fare two different times. A great mystery is that Moshe Deyan made Jordan in control of the temple mount in 1967. People are bussed in to study the Koran on the temple mount. Because he is having some Jews saved he is wrongly saying that the time of the Gentiles has finished. You would have to be an idiot or a democrat to not understand that time is running out. What we do for God we must do quickly.”


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