“Be Sure…”

The attack on the Benghazi compound took place almost three and a half years ago. I assumed, wrongly, that because of the deaths and the lies surrounding the event that it would doom a second term for President Obama. The favors of covering up for the administration by the media seemed to have gotten him through the woods. I never understood Romney’s or any Republican, for that matter, inability to stand and make an issue of it.

For me it was the lying to the families when the bodies came back to America from Libya that put this beyond the pale for me. Although both President Obama and Hillary Clinton lied personally to them; it seems that it will be Hillary who will have to deal with the lie. She has taken the strategy of calling the families liars; or confused in the fog of war.

I still can’t see how she can run for president with this stain on her soul; but stranger things are happening in a world moving towards a showdown with God.

The good news is that part of America that imbibes on alternative media knows something about Benghazi that most of the country doesn’t know. I read “Thirteen Hours”. It gave us a great picture of the reality of the day without turning into an effort to investigate all of the “why’s” surrounding the tragedy.

So now here comes the film. Here is a link to the article I read.

It even stars one of the actors from “The Office”. Who would have guessed? As the bible says: “Be sure your sin will find you out”. Be sure!


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