Russians on Israeli Border

The reality of Russian troops on the Israeli border is one of those: “How did that happen prophetic questions”. For a Christian the invasion of Israel recorded in Eze 38-39, preceded by the prophecies of the restoration of the nation of Israel and followed by the description of the millennial temple makes the fact of Russian troops on the Israeli border a time marker for future events. Russia was booted out of Egypt after their defeats by Israel and was chased from Afghanistan. So how did this happen seemingly out of nowhere with the world community looking to Putin to lead them against ISIS?

It happened so suddenly; but the reality is that the recipe was put together before time and the actors assembled are just doing their part, including the dancing duo of Putin and Obama.

Here is a long article that gives understanding on how it came about that we have Russian troops on the Israeli border.

My faith grows as I shake my head watching America stumble.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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