Bob Parsons

I had a pleasant flashback the other day when I linked to this article about Go Daddy. That is the company that I ended up creating my web site for “One Minute Bible Studies”. I clicked on the story and was amazed to see the name of Bob Parsons, the owner of Go Daddy. I knew him as the creator of “Quickverse” and “Quickbooks”. I knew him as the competition when I worked for Biblesoft during my days in Seattle.

I never talked with him but he had a marketing understanding that went way beyond our understanding at Biblesoft. Product wise, I don’t think there was any real comparison, Biblesoft’s PC Study Bible was just better. Bob Parsons knew what motivated the buyer. The reality was that only  a small percentage of people would actually consistently use the product to study and create documents. “Christian Computing”, our industry magazine had found that an incredibly high percentage of pastors and churches had copied software. So who was actually honestly buying the software?

The answer seemed to be that Christians wanting to get closer to God were willing to buy bible study software. While we competed to make our software better and better and more expensive, Quickverse always marketed the product that Christians could buy to use technology in getting closer to God.

I could be way off, but maybe not. Bob Parsons was able to turn his profits into an impressive history of tech firms, not so with our Jim Gilbertson. But, like I say I would choose PC Study Bible over all comers when it comes to using the software to do studies and make sermons.

Since reading the article, I got a mass text from “Go Daddy” with Bob Parsons encouraging us to give to a Marine Corps fund to celebrate the Nov. 10 anniversary of the Marines. He would match any gifts seeing as how he was a Marine. I have a soft spot for Marines as my Dad was a 30 year Marine.

Last Bob Parsons story. We were at a book show in Nashville. We were recommended a steak house to go to at the end of the show. We entered and saw the menu, realizing we were out of our league, but our manager spotted Bob Parsons and the “Quickverse” guys so he said: “We can’t leave now, might as well as enjoy it.”



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