A Little Light on Hollywood

Bernie Sanders is the unabashed socialist able to come out of the closet and represent true Democrats because our shadow President with his communist/socialist credentials paved the way for him.

One enduring lie has been the Hollywood blacklist. Well you will enjoy this article if you enjoy truth, even though it is hard to find these days. It starts with a hypothetical film that will never be made and ends with the communists in Hollywood still fighting against those they perceive as ideological enemies. Here is a quote:

Witness the longstanding campaign to prevent director Elia Kazan (On the Waterfront, East of Eden, A Streetcar Named Desire) from receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Motion Picture Academy. Kazan, a former communist, cooperated with HUAC and defended his position in a New York Times advertisement that called on liberals to take a stand against communism. Since Kazan’s cinematic achievements are undeniable, his career violates a significant aspect of the Hollywood Ten legend: that those who defied the committee were brilliant artists and noble idealists, while those who cooperated were vile mediocrities who could build their careers only by destroying others.Kazan finally received his award at last year’s Oscars, but amid renewed controversy over whether he should receive any applause at the event. (Abraham Polonsky [I Can Get It for You Wholesale], a leading Hollywood Communist who led the assault on Albert Maltz, hoped in print that Kazan would be assassinated.) But though Kazan finally received his due from Hollywood, Stalin never has.


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