I read about the “Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force” the Marines created to test female ability in compat roles. Apparently, the test results came in and they failed. Here is one article of many. I guess the Marines don’t know the game is rigged.

This came to mind yesterday as I took a hike up a mountain by Laura Michelle’s house in San Diego. Before going up the mountain I pass by a high school. Here in Illinois PE is always coed as far as I can tell. So the kids were on the football field, boys and girls integrated together on both teams. I watched one play unfold with the thought of the Marine program on my mind. The quarterback was a girl.

Well you already know what happens the field shrinks. She cannot throw it as far as the majority of males and all of the defensive players know it so they collapse onto the small ring of distance she can throw it.

Its the same with a hand grenade. The field shrinks. She can only throw it as far as she can.

So what, well if your life is depending upon the only uninjured marine left being able to throw that hand grenade the distance to disable a machine gun and she comes short where a man could do it you are politically corrected out of luck.

Since I read the article the Secretary of the Navy has already insulted the authors of the study and probably intends to make all combat positions available to women despite what common sense tells us.

A nation that can be convinced that sodomy is natural (the body designed for it) will be easily convinced that women are just as strong as men.


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