DNA Can and Can’t

I have put together a science slide show about the universe, the cell and the eye-brain connection. The final part is meant to illustrate the free choice in life we have. I will be traveling to Colorado next week to visit a few churches with the “one minute bible study” outreach idea. I usually like to include the slide show sermon when I do this. At my wife’s, Joan, suggestion I have been emphasizing in the last part what DNA can and can’t do. This week I want to make this a little more pointed. Right now I just raise questions about favorite foods and books. Now I want to say point blank: DNA determines sex (Bruce Jenner on Wheaties box) You determine sexuality (Bruce Jenner as woman).

Along those lines here is an article I came across at National Review entitled: How Is This Possible? ‘Gay Teens Have Higher Pregnancy Rates Than Their Straight Peers’.

Here are some quotes:

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: At a time when teen pregnancy rates across the state are at historic lows, the numbers for gay teens are surprisingly high. In Minnesota, these young people are far more likely than their straight peers to become pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant, according to a recent analysis of data on adolescent sexual health. That’s a lot of heterosexual activity from gay kids. Indeed, it turns out the numbers aren’t even close. Gay and lesbian youth were about five times more likely to have either gotten pregnant or gotten someone else pregnant than straight youth.

Life is never what the experts say it is when it comes to their conflicts with the word of God. If sexuality or immoral sexuality was not a choice then God would be unjust to judge. I think we have been lied to again.


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