Prescott Conference July 2015

Prescott Conference July 2015
Spent the week at Prescott conference. It was great to see Pastor Mitchell preaching after his triple bypass surgery at 86. We shared a house for the week with Joe and Laura Michelle and their Joshua; and Billy and Brooke with their Julia, Roman and Malachi. We went down to Wickenburg after conference accompanied by Joe and Laura Michelle as well as Jesus and Audra Lea who couldn’t make conference.
Pastor Robinson had me do my “one minute bible study presentation”. I started off Sunday School with my science slide show presentation. I then preached my evangelism sermon. That night we went out for the evening service doing one minute bible studies for 30 minutes. We did 25, and everyone seemed excited. I ran into some college kids home for the summer who were all knowledgeable about the subjects of my science project which led right into what DNA can and can’t do. It was a good outreach night.
The next morning I had a recap of life with Mr. Jerry Perkins. Mr. Perkins has blessed me with his wisdom and insight ever since I got saved in January of 1983. He started the morning off with the thought out of John with the woman caught in adultery being brought before Jesus. What if it had been a homosexual relationship? The answer must be that Jesus does the same thing, “Neither do I condemn you: go and sin no more.”
Had a great time.
Here are a few quotes from my notes of conference sermons; this is certainly not exhaustive.
Pastor Scott Lamb: Point – Woe to those –house to house – drinking – iniquity – the idea that Israel has lost their ability to take tome out to seek and ponder the things of God.
“In our qufest for righteousness we can become like the Pharisees separating outselves from the evil society.”
Isaiah goes from “woe to you” to “woe to me”. He sees himself now as unclean, not gross sin, but he knows he is missing God.
“The man of God met God, the man of God needs to meet God”.
Gospel words can become just theological banter and we lose the wonder of our own salvation.
“Immersed in God’s word and never hear His voice”
“Contending for the vision of the harvest and never seeing the Lord of the harvest”.
When our lives and ministries displace God we drain out.
“We know something is missing, yet we power on sometimes doubling our efforts”.
“Over time amazing grace ceases to be amazing”.
“Tired, exhausted, critical and dragged down by an unclean world” – “maybe the problem is me”.
“A fresh vision, led to a fresh repentance, which led to a fresh calling”.
“It is not us verses; them it is them needing us”.

Pastor Paul Stevens
We need an entrepreneurial spirit; something supernatural that God has deposited into our hearts.
Enterprise – undertaking
A person who takes on greater risk is an important task that requires extra ability and energy.
Ingredients: make things happen, risk taker, involve others
Support, financial support, needs to be more than business transactions, it needs to release our genius.
The entrepreneur cares about people.
Sanballat & Tobias were not concerned about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall – they were concerned that a man had arrived who was “seeking the well-being of the people of Israel”.

Pastor Greg Mitchell
“Chop some Wood”.
Entitlement mentality: you owe me
I deserve more than them
Shot at leadership: “why have you only given us one share?’
“There is no blessing that can satisfy the desires of entitlement”.
Entitlement blinds – we see the worse in others – see ourselves as saints
1 Cor. 4:7 “what do you have that you did not receive”.
Entitlement: fear, unbelief, laziness, fatalistic
Japheth prayed: “enlarge my territory”; “Oh that you would bless me indeed”.
Enlargement is not about what you are given it is about what you do.
Pastor Sergei Golubev
Do not become the old prophet. Willing to dig new wells. Open to new methods.
The Old Prophet: success in the past, no “freshness with God”, office preacher, doom and gloom sermons, keeps others down, his own words condemn him.
Refusing to age

Pastor Mark Aulson
Oral Roberts on Merv Griffin: mocking: “What does God’s voice sound like?” Oral: “You know Merv”.
No one can get saved without the mechanics of God’s voice speaking to us.
Adam: “Where are you?”
Cain: “Where is your brother?”
“Word made flesh”
“His fullness we all received”
7 churches: “Behold I stand and knock if any man hears…”
The rock is the revelation of God’s voice.
Some people have cultivated an ear that refuses to hear the voice.
“Do not harden your heart” to the voice of God.
Still, small, voice
You hear what you are tuned into hearing.
Prayer is a two way street. Need to be still and know that He is the Lord and have an ear that can hear.
“My sheep know my voice”

Pastor Harold Warner
We need a “mind of a scholar, heart of a child, and a hide of a rhinoceros”.
“The challenge is how to toughen your hide without hardening your heart.”
Tim Keller: “If our identity is in our work, not Christ, our success will go to our heads and our failures to our hearts.”
“It is the delight of God to work on the heart with human impossibilities.”
Life and ministry can only be done effectively in the light of eternity.”

Pastor Ray Rubi
Supreme court – Spirit of Babylon “Let us make a name for ourselves”.
“Making impact in Babylon”
Why does Babylon have dominion?
Homosexuality mental disorder until 1973
Its not the 2% that accomplished this. Porno watchers softens opposition to same sex marriage.
The problem lies with the 98%
Roaches have always been around abut if roaches have dominion in your house the fault is not the roaches but you.
Failure to be salt and light
God’s people are caught up in Babylon’s triumph – we are behind enemy lines.
Talking about the Shadrack, Michack and Abendego
Personal standards set us apart.
God allowed them to be put on the spot.
The world must notice us.
We have to go through the furnace to have impact.
“Our stand for the Son of God today will reveal Him to the world tomorrow.”
Babylon does not prevail.
The plowman shall overtake the reaper.
Former and latter rain.
“At the moment of rapture there will be more living Christians than any time in history.”
“alive and remain” the living who are scattered around

Pastor Kevin Foley
Mt. 11 if these signs had happened in Sodom it would still be around.
“It can feel like they are winning and it can bring a crisis of faith like John is having”.
If someone had gone into Sodom with a supernatural ministry like what Jesus brought to Capernaum they would have got saved.
White house rainbow lights: “This is not your country anymore, you are not welcome here.”
Rainbow in Genesis is “bow”.
God is putting up His bow of judgment.

Pastor Wayman Mitchell
“A whisper of hope”
“The remnant is a seedbed of revival springing up everywhere they go”.
Phil 2:15 “without fault in the midst of a crooked generation”
Titus 2:13 the blessed hope, zealous for good works.
Need to preach hope.
Elijah thinks he is the hiding remnant; not realizing that God has purpose for the remnant.”
“God can take the field”
“The seed of God’s purpose resides in the remnant”
I have an inkling that we are right at the point of God doing something incredible.”


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