A New Day

So even though he said it shouldn’t come down to one man making the decision, Justice Kennedy was the one man that felt marriage was not confined to just one man and one woman. Welcome to the new America. This ruling combined with Justice Roberts having to disregard the written words in a law and seek to explore the feelings that went with the words just about makes a thinking person want to throw in the towel.

The only Republican candidate that is showing any courage at this juncture is Ted Cruz. He is allowing for non-compliance with the law based upon Lincoln’s non-compliance with the Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott strengthening the hand of slave owners.

Most candidates know what the polls say and well that is all that matters, right and wrong, are words from a bygone age. People have been amazed at the turning of people to support homosexual marriage. CNN polls showed support in 2010 at 49% and in 2015 at 63%. What can explain such a monumental shift in opinion? Facebook!

Well not Facebook, exactly, but a dedicated group of 1% of the American public know how to use Facebook and other sources of social media to advance their homosexual agendas. From Tim Cooke of Apple to the profile test a person takes to join Google, the message in the technology world is clear: homosexuality good, Christianity bad. So this small group of people were led by a technological vanguard in influencing Facebook and the social media world to win people over to their point of view.

They really didn’t win people over to their point of view they just demonized anyone who didn’t go along with them. How? I was in Ohio when the decision came down. The pastor’s church people were being slaughtered for saying anything in the social media world. It works like this: technologically savvy people know how to turn their one like into a 1000 likes. Over the last five years any post defending Christian values in terms of homosexuality would be inundated with “dislikes” and every story about how wonderful homosexuality was would be inundated with “likes”. One person talked about viewing a post where all of the comments from their friends were supporting a biblical stance on homosexuality; yet the “dislikes” dwarfed the “likes”. One homosexual and his robots multiplied out in a lifestyle that lives on the internet to further the cause and people began to believe that there were more people that supported homosexual marriage than opposed it. Most people go with the majority and that is what happened.

Once again the “father of lies” leads his people into battle. Christians tend to be honest and don’t think in terms of using lying robots to win popularity battles. So another step in an anti-Christ world has been made.

This momentous change in history caught me while two other things were happening in my life. One is the Sunday School we have been doing using Steve Nicodemus’ End of the Ages bible study. So here is where we are: The anti-Christ has been assassinated and has resurrected, the false prophet is encouraging everyone to worship the anti-Christ, the political leverage to force people to worship the anti-Christ comes in the form of a mark that allows them to buy and sell, the church age had ended but God was using 144,000 Jewish virgin males to preach the gospel, they have all been killed or God raptured them, because they are now all in heaven, first angel communicates to every single person God’s plan with a request to worship the creator, second angel announces the fall of Babylon, third angel announces the wrath of God on all people who take the mark and side with the anti-Chirst.

Next we will have the two last harvests. One finds those who reject the mark and worship God in heaven (Chapter 15). This is the rapture most mid-tribs and post-tribs point to. Those left on earth are part of the harvest of God’s wrath with the release of the final 7 bowls of judgment.

The division could not be more stark. I think society is beginning to make their choices in preparation for what is coming.

Rev 9:21 And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.

Each time I read this verse I cannot help but see America’s (yes, I see things through an American perspective) abortions, our addiction to drugs legal and illegal, the crown of sexual immorality being legal homosexual marriage, and our socialist tendencies to covet (breaking the 10 commandments) what others have.

So I see a hardening of the camps, one ready to follow the anti-Christ the other ready to follow the Redeemer Jesus Christ. One group lied to and manipulated while the other standing in truth speaking the Word of God in honesty.

The second is my running with “One Minute Bible Studies”. It has been such a refresher in my own life and the life of our church. I believe God has given me this weapon at this time for His purpose. That is a big statement and I do not say it lightly. Yet, I look at what God is doing in my life at this time and I can say with David “is there not a cause”.

Hab 2:2 Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.

Always looking for someone to run with: oneminutebiblestudies.com


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