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We had Pastor Dave Robinson and his wife out Sparta way to do a revival for us. He has been my pastor for 30 years. He and the Wickenburg sent us out to Seattle to start a church in January of 1988. He has been a pastor for 40 years. In our fellowship, he along with Pastor Mitchell and Pastor Warner, are the only remaining pastors from that first wave of pastors in our fellowship. He has consistently preached for us in Seattle and came to Zambia three times for us. I remember when he came to Zambia the first time I had been promoting him as the “preaching cowboy preacher” and was shocked when he showed up without his cowboy hat. This was a first. He is the real cowboy deal, still running cattle to this day.
It was a good revival. Pastor Robinson started memorizing scripture at Pastor Mitchell’s urging when he first started ministry. He still does to this day, so his sermons are shock full of scripture. This revival he seemed to be including many of the sayings of Jesus and it was a great time of ministry for our church. The church let out all the stops with a pot luck Tuesday night when we had visiting churches for the revival. Sparta knows how to pot luck.
We would take off on Thursday morning for Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg. We would be following General Grant as he won the war in the west. I had read “Shiloh: Bloody April” by Wiley Sword in preparation. I also had been reviewing my American Heritage book on the civil war from my childhood days. Lincoln’s quote about Grant, who seemed a contrary type with his superiors, was: “at least he fights”.
We watched the film presentations at each of the sites and toured the battlefields. I visited Gettysburg alone on a business trip and was overwhelmed with the sense of loss, victory and defeat. Most people I have talked to have experienced that “pathos” from the visit to the Gettysburg battlefield. Making the trip with three other people took away that self-introspection. We did Fort Donelson and Shiloh on Thursday, making our way to a motel in Memphis, getting in late that night. We journeyed down to Vicksburg the next day and made it back around 10 that night for some Stateline ribs. We took the river roads, driving along the Mississippi levees and going down to the river. Saturday had us going up to the airport in Saint Louis for the Robinson’s trip home. A great time.
We left the airport and headed west to New Haven to pick up Skylar for a few days. Skylar is doing well. It is doing him good to have a man in his life. He was not allowed to touch the mower in the past for fear of injury, but I would let him mow my lawn and he got right on it starting it himself and getting the job done. I was impressed. He did well with us. He is loved and accepted at church and he is still “my man skylar”. I would be forced to watch two Godzilla movies, but I made him watch the “The Dirty Dozen”. He actually enjoyed it. He outreached with Jerod, doing “One Minute Bible Studies” with about 6 young people. After he moved, I was amazed how many young people asked me what happen to him. He is maturing into a man and I look for good things in his life. We took him home Wed., had church and Thursday morning took off for New Philadelphia in Ohio to do my seminar for Pastor Tom Cunningham.
The week before Pastor Robinson came I created the web page: It was a nice completion of a task for me. You can download the bible studies. There are lots of one minute bible studies aimed at doing the study to build up the Christian. This web page is for a Christian to put the bible studies on his phone to use as an outreach tool. It has been a fantastic adventure here in Sparta. I had already done one of these seminars for Pastor Paul Arps down in Marion. I tried to squeeze too much in. I did my science slide show Thursday, Friday talked about outreach and doing “one minute bible studies” and Saturday we outreached with about 8 from his church and 8 from ours and we did 45 bible studies with people in a couple of hours. We then had some hot dogs and I preached an end time sermon.
For Pastor Cunningham I did the science slide show Thursday night, outreach sermon and then a short outreach in the rain Saturday. He had 20 people come out for the outreach in the rain. There was a break in the rain and we only went out for 45 minutes but the 13 studies we did were enough to excite everybody. Friday night I use the projector to show everyone the web page and help them download the studies to their phones. His comment to me was that it was everything I said it would be plus more.
That Saturday at breakfast his church was sharing with him via texts their battles from the previous day on social media. No dissension was allowed as they were vilified and abused online for expressing disagreement with the Supreme Court decision.
It was a great visit. We go back with the Cunningham’s to our Northwest days and we shared several years together in Zambia. We have a nice comfort level when we are with them.
We came home to an overgrown garden and two weeks before our conference in Arizona. I think about the place where God has brought me, the times I live in and the strategies God has laid upon me and know that I am right in the middle of God’s will. It is a good feeling.


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