Could of

I have been doing a slide show presentation with three parts. One part on the universe. The second on the cell and DNA. The third on the eye brain connection. The conclusions are about having a will to make your own decisions about life. I designed it to show in schools, but so far have only presented it in churches.

I point this out during the slide show about articles about life in outer space as well as the pre determined actions of humans because of DNA or brainwave configurations. The articles, despite some very declaritve titles, are usually interspersed with lots of “maybe” words.

So I saw this title and checked it out. The title was: “More Ingredients for Life found on Mars”.

So here we go.

“a potential haven”

“perhaps even the present”

“that could potentially”

“used by microbes, if any existed”

“an unrelated study suggests”

“billions of years ago”

“part of a potentially life supporting”

“had life been there”

“isn’t evidence of Martian life”

“may have been generated”

“four billion years ago”

“nitrogen may get fixed”

“it likely formed”

“this suggests”

“although it is unknown how much”

“hasn’t been able to get to the bottom of this question”

“if you had”

“suggested that”

“could serve”

“may have been”

“seems like a plausible”

“the possiblility”

“if…could indeed”

“some scientists think”

“establish the potential”

“might obtain”

“King believes”

“could be part of”

“could support”

“you would have to have”

“you would need”

This was from the article to explain why the excitement for life on Mars. “A study released today (March 23) reports that ancient Mars harbored a form of nitrogen that could potentially have been used by microbes, if any existed, to build key molecules such as amino acids.”

Science without God becomes the great game of theories when it comes to life.

The fact that we can even measure and discuss anything about Mars is a miracle of miracles. Not bad for a piece of bacteria that evolved into a human. Or were we created in His image and therefore we are creative creatures?


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