Girls Fighting

I noticed a couple of articles on girls trying to act like boys by fighting with each other at Gateway Pundit.

I had a experience with girls fighting this last week and used in a sermon last Sunday night. I was leaving school after an uneventful day. As I was walking towards my car I noticed a small crowd forming a circle. I then realized there were two people who were squaring off with each other. I hastened my pace. They begin to take swings at each other, so I ran to the group and broke through the circle and ended the fighting. One girl and her friend quickly moved away while the other girl seemed lost and confused. I asked if anyone was her friend, no friends. She was bloodied so I asked her to come back into the school with me.

Someone had seen what was happening from the window so the principal was in the middle of getting involved. I had asked the girl if she wanted me to say anything, she said no. So we silently entered the building after being buzzed in. We got to the second floor where the principal met us. He questioningly looked at us as I just pointed to the girl with my hand above and behind her head. He looked at her and asked her what happened as she broke down crying. He thanked me as he ushered her into the office.

The pathos or sorrowful feeling that accompanied me on my way home found its way into my Sunday night sermon before our Midwest Bible Conference this last week. The girl was not one of the good girls in the school. I am sure she took her turn complaining about the school and the authority of the principal. Just like many of us complain about the do’s and don’ts of Christianity as well as leveling our complaints against the “unjust judge”.

Yet, here she was after being beat up in life finding a place of weeping comfort in the presence of the principal of the school. We also, after taking a beating from life, can find comfort in the communion that comes when we “cast our cares upon Him”. (verse 7) Why? “For He cares for us”.


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