Citizen of the World: Barak Obama

There is a future that Christians see as biblical: one world government, one world religion and one world economic system. Looking at America there seems to be one political party that wants to move and that direction and the other that doesn’t want to move there as fast. Citizen Obama is a man who wants to move us there.

It was good to see this put in words by David Gelernter’s “Hidden in Plain Sight”.  Here is a quote:

The Democratic left is increasingly a globalist party. The left is frankly tired of the whole nation-state bit. Obamiacs see themselves as citizens of the world. The globalist urge is evident in Europe, but you see it on display in America too in its early stages, announced clearly by our leading universities​—​as ever, the heart of the establishment. It’s not just a matter of what our fanciest universities think and teach but what they do. They are passionately anxious to go global and are opening new campuses all over to prove it​—​in Asia and the Middle East especially. The sooner they become truly global, the sooner they can stop being American.

As for the president, it is obvious that American interests don’t move him. He is protected only by our natural reluctance to say so, or even think so. Yet how could he be any plainer? He wants to open our borders and blur the line between citizen and inhabitant, harmonize our health care with Europe’s, fulminate about the quintessential globalist issue​—​man-made climate change​—​and, in foreign affairs, act like one more low-key, stylish European nation. Our ambassador to Libya was murdered in Benghazi. To kill an ambassador, who stands for us and speaks for us, for the whole nation, is a crime against the whole nation and was intended to be. No self-respecting state could conceive of leaving such a crime unpunished. Yet Obama reacted as if this assault on America were a low-grade political nuisance for the Democratic presidential campaign. Did he feel it as an American? The answer is obvious.


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