Sad State of Affairs

Barrenelle Stutzman has been ordered by a Washington State court to provide flowers for gay weddings. This came about when a 9 year customer of hers asked her to provide flowers for his gay wedding. She politely and even lovingly refused. Her refusal ushered in a social media whirlwind that caused the attorney general of Washington state to press charges based on the social media readings. She lost in court and the court did its utmost to punish her by not only allowing damages to be collected from her business but from her personally also. What spirit is motivating these people?

I read the story on Gateway Pundit and I short video is included.

Her eyes seem to have been opened to Jesus’ call to be hot or cold. She says in the video that she was lukewarm, but not any more.

She and we think that people will naturally act fairly and decently; but the lines between the spirit of anti-Christ and Christ are becoming painfully obvious.


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