“Do Not Despair”

We had a testimony service tonight. Marylou talked about visiting her brother just before his wife passed away down in a little town of Southern Illinois. Her daughter Karen was driving her. On the return trip home they spotted a little thrift shop and went in. When it was time to go home; nothing, the car wouldn’t start not even a click. They had jumper cables and needed one car moved, so Karen found out who owned the car. The owner of the thrift shop knocked on a yellow door and a man in his 50’s answered. Without a word he spun his car around and lined it up to jump the car. Before Marylou could get her cables out he had them attached with no results.

Without a word he went opened the hood and started looking around. He opened the door and asked his son to bring something out. The son came out with a two by four. He stuck the two by four down in the engine and began to pound. Then he asked his son to get some ramps. They pushed the car up on the ramps and under the car he went. Next thing you know he comes out with their starter, which he starts disassembling. Marylou is beginning to feel insecure as the son is sent into the house again. Marylou gets up enough courage to talk to the silent man as he heads through the yellow door to find what the son could not find. He says: “Do not despair”.

He comes out with another starter and now they are both broken apart as he begins to reassemble her starter. The starter is placed back in the car, the car is taken off the ramps and voila, it starts. Now Marylou has to know a few things. “Are you a mechanic?” “No.” “Had you done this before?” “No.”

He lets her know that he is an missionary to Africa. Part of his ministry was to find things that didn’t work and make them work for the people of Africa.

I look forward to knocking on the yellow door in the town of Golconda to thank the man.

The car is running great.


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1 Response to “Do Not Despair”

  1. Steve says:

    I love reading stories like this. Praise the Lord.

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