Just a School Note

A few notes from the substitute this year. In a music class I could access anything on Youtube but was not allowed to access Godtube. I was allowing the kids to pick songs and dance and sing to them (per instructions from the teacher). One kid wanted “Take the Wheel Jesus” from Carrie Underwood. The kids were making it happen and when this song started WWIII erupted. They know their rights and we had violated them.

I enjoy all of my experiences in the schools. One day I was taking care of some PreK kids. I was having them play outside and I was running back and forth with them (I had not allowed them to bring out all of the balls), but needed to sit my aging bones down for a few minutes. It was a cooler day and just sitting in the sun was especially pleasant. A little black girl came and sat next to me and the next thing I know she is leaning against me. As I look down into her face she says: “Grandpa, I really wanted to play with the balls today”. Yes, I am proud to be a Grandpa.

My year started with being an aid for three days for a young woman named Jada. Confined to a wheelchair, needing the drool wiped and fed by hand she turned out to be an amazing blessing. The spirit of the girl is alive. Those first 3 days of school were filled with every person in that school giving her a special greeting as she watched to see whom she would see and always answered with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. One hand could grip a pencil like we would grip a chisel. I tried to place the pencil in her hand properly and then used my hand to steady hers as she would try to write numbers and letters. Yes, her brain knew what to do and it was communicating it to the hand. I could feel her hand trying and with my hand on top of hers we could manage. Since that time I have subbed for the teacher for Jada. It was during one of those times that we were all matching words from a list to the blanks. They were all stuck. I looked over at Jada and asked her if she knew the answer. She gave an excited groan in the affirmative. I asked her if she could show the rest of the class. There was that smile that could light up a tunnel and we all got the answer “smile”.

One last recent note: I was subbing in a class where I was letting things get a little out of control. This was because I had earlier brought two of the girls to tears as I tried to speed them to finish the assignment before the bell rang. So I had loosened the reigns considerably by the end of the day. It was getting a little rowdy as they were playing with play money, the boys were robbing each other (yes with guns, sorry) and the girls were screaming in faked outrage. With about 15 minutes before the day ending bell I had them put the play money away but they were still acting very loud. I was hoping to just run out the clock when the one girl got everyone’s attention by letting them know that her grandmother had told her that God sees everything and they had better start being good. You could have heard a pin drop.

Peace reigned until the bell rang and I could take this getting older body home with a pleasant glow radiating from within.


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