I am down in Carbondale after having breakfast with Pastor Haynes, Vic Harris and Jaimie. I am picking up “my man Skylar” from his week in “Boot Camp”. After talking with Kenneth and his need of rest during his radiation and chemo; I did a sermon on, you guessed it “rest”.

I had an hour just to do a cruise of the internet following my political blogs, something that is becoming less and less entertaining. Yes, it seems like it is all bad news for Dems but that doesn’t satisfy. I have concluded that the problem with our nation is spiritual. We have an executive branch that is inviting the curse of God upon our nation by siding with Hamas. We as a people have brought the natural curse of God upon our nation by supporting abortion and sexual immorality in all of its forms. In this cursed environment more and more people are becoming distanced from the moral beauty of Christianity.

So reading Mark Steyn’s comparison of no border control to pulling guns on border crossing Boy Scouts just brings it all back into sharp focus. The issue of how these border agents treated these scouts will not be solved by a Republican congress or president. Something is missing that goes so much deeper; and I am sure that politics cannot replace what is missing.


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