Homosexual Gene

We were out doing “one minute bible studies” yesterday when we spoke with two young men playing catch in the park. I spoke to one guy and Jared spoke to the other. My conversation would go on for 40 minutes. Dalton said he was wanting to talk with someone who could give him some answers about some spiritual questions he had, so he decided to take this opportunity and I was only to pleased to accommodate him.

Dinosaurs, the universe, why evil, why death of loved ones and eternity and how to enter heaven all came up. It was his description of a relative who walked away from a 25 year marriage and 3 children to pursue a homosexual lifestyle. He wanted to know why yet he was already convinced that his relative’s choice was not a choice he made but a decision made for him by the genes he carried. He mentioned his reading of an article describing the homosexual gene. The only study one could do to search out the truth of the hypotheses is a study of identical twins separated at birth and one is a homosexual thus insuring that the other is also. But the studies do not show this.

He pressed me, but what if it were true that there was a homosexual gene, how would that influence your thinking about homosexuality. I thought for moment and came up with an explanation that I had never given voice to before and had never read. I had him agree with me that we had genes that made us attracted to girls, yet we weren’t falling over ourselves to make things happen with the girls here in the park. Yet, we can acknowledge that we are attracted to the opposite sex and in fact the more skin showing the more we are attracted. So even though I have a gene that makes me attracted to the opposite sex, God wants me to be only attracted to my wife. The gene makes no distinction between my wife and any other female. God expects, and I can, over rule the gene and stay faithful to my wife. So that even if there were a homosexual gene, a man has a free will to do what is right in a godly way and a natural way.

Shared this in church today as part of the “always be ready” part of the sermon.


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