Two Things

What I never hear asked is: Why does the Republican establishment want open immigration from the South? I think we intuitively know the answer. Corporate America does quite well with either party in charge, so the electoral advantage that might accrue to Democrats with more immigration is not an issue for them. The issue for them are a need for workers. At first glance one might assume they want to keep wages low by allowing the influx of low skilled workers. I think they are facing something else also. The combination of broken families, welfare and video games  has them legitimately worried about the workforce of the future. Will Americans work, really work? They think the answer is no for those tainted by modern American social values.

I listened to three federal radio commercials in a row the other day. In my mind I combine this with the move to attempt to control what the radio stations can do that failed recently. Soon the flow of federal dollars for advertising will be so necessary for the profitability of the radio stations that they will be in the place of being blackmailed into a forced censorship to keep the federal dollars flowing. The commercials all seem a waste of money aimed at someone who can’t think for themselves, thus the importance of a common core based on the lowest common denominator.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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