From Instapundit:

ALAN TURING WAS A SMART MAN:  Turing’s theory of chemical morphogenesis validated 60 years after his death.  “Alan Turing’s accomplishments in computer science are well known, but lesser known is his impact on biology and chemistry. In his only paper on biology, Turing proposed a theory of morphogenesis, or how identical copies of a single cell differentiate, for example, into an organism with arms and legs, a head and tail.  Now, 60 years after Turing’s death, researchers from Brandeis University and the University of Pittsburgh have provided the first experimental evidence that validates Turing’s theory in cell-like structures.”

I read the article and it shows me everything I need to know about how evolution works in the minds of scientists trying to communicate the theory to the masses.

Here was my comment on Instapundit: Observing this chemical event in nature would validate the theory. A scientist introducing an inhibitory agent and a excitatory agent to a cell-like structure isn’t the same as observing the chemical event in nature or even being able to create the event by introducing the two chemical agents to an actual cell. It shows it is a possibility with applied human intelligence added into the mix.

Most of these experimental validations of processes of evolution just prove the need of the missing ingredient to make them work: “intelligent design”. They somehow have to get nature to create incredible pieces of life (eye, ear, brain) through natural processes without intelligence as to the end goal. This will always be impossible to prove yet every experiment that they say “proves it” only proves that intelligence needed to make it happen.

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