I had my sermon swirling in my mind as I dropped Joan off to get up to New York for Laura Michelle’s wedding. I stopped at a library sale in Troy where I spotted “The Music of Eternity” by Adrian Van Kaam. I prepared my sermon and then read half of the book before preaching and then the other half afterwards. His key word was “fidelity” as he Zenned his way through a daily closer walk with God. Here are some quotes:

“Attention to the whispers of grace requires that we do not let agitation dominate our mind and heart. We cannot be attentive to others or to our task when we are absorbed in worries and fantasies.”

“We may think that commitment to small affairs has little to do with our life of prayer. The opposite is true. First of all, fidelity to daily duties — if we see them as opportunities for intimacy with God — is already a prayer of practical union with Him.”

“Many tasks that make up our day call for a lesser kind of attention than prayer and meditation. Still, simple attention to details of everyday life helps us to be more attentive to the other, more difficult things we have to do. We should direct our attention not only to the details of our work but also to the “will of God” that underlies our daily tasks.”

“Chores can thus be challenges from the Most High. God asks us to be attentive to his will hidden in the burdens and blessings of any day. All are welcomed as chances to train our wandering attention. Doing things with care prepares us to attend to God fully at moments of recollection.”

“…if we give attention to the spiritual meanings of our chores, we will also pay more attention to their practical details. This makes us more concerned about our daily duties. We want to glorify the Father by doing them as well as we can. They become us sacraments of practical union with God in the midst of our busy day.”

“The word appraising has the word praise within it. When we welcome each event as an opportunity to grow in praise of the Lord, we appreciate it in the deepest sense. because of this link with “praise of the “Lord,” the words appraisal and appreciation are cherished by people who live in fidelity.”

I enjoy bringing this verse into sermons: Prov 4:23 23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Within the Hebrew of this verse is the sense of musical chords emanating from your heart. The “Music of Eternity” needs to be playing in our hearts as we live our lives and every once in a while someone needs to hear the music of praise coming from the life you live.


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