Wow! Straight from Instapundit: 21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS:  “One of the effects of feminism is that men of my generation have had a much wider opportunity to cook.  I can’t think of any men my age or younger who don’t know how to cook.  Moreover, I can’t think of any men of my generation or younger who don’t enjoy cooking.  This is in stark contrast to the women of the same generations, who (typically) view cooking as an indignity.  The reason for the difference in attitude boils down to what cooking is all about.  Cooking is an act of love, an act of service to others.  It is an opportunity to care for others in a very fundamental way, to literally nourish them through the work of your own hands.  This is precisely what troubles the modern woman so much about cooking (or cleaning, or changing diapers).  Serving others in the mind of a feminist is an indignity.”


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