WALTER RUSSELL MEAD:  Meaning In 3-D. And a different quote:

But that’s not how most Christians see the baby in the manger. They don’t think he is a symbol; they don’t think he’s a messenger. They think he is the real thing. He is the meaning of meaning, the truth made flesh, the only begotten Son of God. As a grown man, he would tell people that “I and the Father are one.” Most of the people we call Christians believe he was right, and speak of the baby Jesus and the man he grew to be as one of the Three Persons of God.

For both Muslims and Jews, it is hard to know which is more blasphemous: saying that the One God is Three Persons, or saying that Jesus of Nazareth is God made man. Either way, to many people this an ugly theological scandal, a fundamental betrayal of the essence of monotheism.  It’s an atrocity to worship a creature, a human being however noble, as God; it’s an atrocity to mingle polytheism with monotheism; it’s an atrocity to blur the bright line between Creator and creation by mixing the two together in the person of Jesus.

I had many great discussions with the Muslims in Zambia. I will always remember my friend’s Abraham to the spoken word that Jesus was God: Blasphemy.


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