THE STORY DOES NOT DISCUSS THE CARBON FOOTPRINT:  Chinese Helicopter Rescues 52 From Ship Trapped in Antarctic Ice.  “The blue-hulled Russian ship was surrounded by such dense and extensive pack ice that it could not move, and vessels designed to break through ice could not get near.”

The global warmest trapped in the ice. This morning I read an article in the Guardian saying it was the warmest year on record in Australia, which seems to be true, they then added in conclusion that it had also been the warmest on record in America, making this among the top warm record years recorded. The next article said it was one of the coldest years for America. Who to believe? The one not trying to make us all conform against our will to the way they want us to live. All of these authoritarian attempts to order us around are baby steps preparing us for the day when the anti-Christ makes us take his mark if we “want to buy or sell”. I won’t be around for that event and I hope you won’t either.


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