Last night in church I went over the 14 habits of highly miserable people and then talked over the list I provided for the congregation to think about in making goals and plans for the coming year. Under “Soul” I had diet and foods to try. This led me to mentioning a moment in Joan and my married life that revolutionized life for us to this day. Life was very normal as I would come home, ask what was for dinner, Joan had ideas, but it was not an exciting event for her. She decided to start having meals ready which caused her to start looking at recipes and doing the prep steps early enough to have a regularly timed dinner. This led to her discovery of gourmet magazines. From that point on almost all of our meals are beyond delicious they are classy meals that add  much more than just healthy food. She truly makes meals that bless the soul (from the Hebrew word Nephesh, the person you really are on the inside). We would go out to eat at nice restaurants in Seattle and they could not keep up with her. In keeping with those ideas here was something I saw from Amazon Local. A menu program.


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