TOM BLUMER:  Another Week, Another Trio of Obamacare Outrages.  “Again, they can’t be this stupid and incompetent.”

No, they think they are getting away with it. From the article:

Scott Gottlieb, a former senior health policy adviser and a currently practicing physician, told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly on December 9 that many participants will consider it substandard because the co-pays average ”about 40 percent … on branded drugs compared to about 25 percent in the private sector.” That’s intensely ironic, given the grief Obamacare apologists have thrown at supposedly inferior private individual plans. (Forgive the frequent Fox citations; as the rest of the nations’s establishment press cheers on Obamacare while consistently ignoring its serious shortcomings, Fox, with rare exceptions, mostly at CBS, is about the only broadcast news outlet exposing them.)


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